Another blog ??!!! Really????

Hey Everyone πŸ™‚


Welcome to my crazy world! World dominated by fashion, passion, love and fabulousness!
Why blog? This idea was dreaming in me for a long time! It has started a few years ago when I decided to go for a biggest adventure in my life and traveled to USA…I was experiencing so much and getting to know so many new places and fascinating people that I wanted to share it all with all my loved ones. America showed me new way of life and let me be who I’d always wanted to be…gave me strength and power to believe in myself.

I want to invite you to my Β fashion world and show you a piece of United States with a Polish twist. I will share my experience and ideas with you. I hope you will enjoy it πŸ™‚

You will find here everything about fashion and passion or maybe passion for fashion πŸ™‚
Who am I?Β I am an emerging fashion stylist and blogger recently exploring the Big Apple. ( before Miami was my kingdom )I transfer runway trends and creative ideas into affordable street fashion. I love creatingΒ photo stories to express my style and ideas. I have fun with fashion. Mixing and matching different styles it’s my cup of tea.

My adventure with fashion started many years ago when I started working as a fashion and runway model, that gave me an idea of how fashion industry works and what looks great and how it translates into photographs. I was instantly Β inspired to become a stylist. Fashion is my form of art.
Β I have a pleasure ofΒ styling for various magazines and fun projects like Tv shows etc. Recently published in Prolific Quarterly Magazine, Anolie Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Fabrica Magazine.
Let’s connect!



Β Patinka



ohhhh and by the way… Yes I am…

Stay tuned for more to come!

Special thanks to Jozek, Efka, Pati and Moniak for encouraging me to finally do it!

xoxo Patinka

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  1. Congratulations again!!!
    I'm so happy for you making your dreams come true πŸ™‚
    I enjoy your every post. You RULE!!!
    Strasznie sie ciesze, ze realizujesz swoje marzenia!!!

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